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Dear friends and followers of these interesting Challenges.
Unfortunatelly I would think that our days of fun are over.
I haven't had any news regarding any activity for our Group from the founder and our dear friend Céline.
So I think we should sadly say Good Bye or would it be Farewell to all ?
Many thanks for all who have followed us.
Big Hug to all and all the best for this New Year 2016.
Special hugs for Céline.
Well this will be official, as official a moderator can make it.
I've tried to show the entries currently received from some of our faithful followers in the main page. Without results.

Most of you will have many requests to include in several of our gallery folders your recent submissions.  But I am not sure it's going to work either.

So I am officially calling it a day. It bothers me that only my submission is showing in the gallery, I submitted it as a test but removed it almost immediately but somehow it still showing :shrug:

I sincerely apologize, I tried to help but just messed things up. I hope that Céline is well and could soon return to take care of things here.

Please keep on submitting your entries to the ill fated "66 Challenge" in the respective Journal apo-weekly-challenge.deviantar…

In view of all the trouble I have in keeping things working properly we should have a Spring Break pending the return of Céline a.k.a. Tibodo hope you are well dear friend :hug: and :love: to all.

Dear friends, I'm sorry for the problems encountered to submit to Folder 66 and 64. Had to do that "shortcut" because I couldn't find the way to create a new folder.

As you know, Céline is sort of AWOL and I am rather at a loss trying to do things here.

I think I fixed the reason why it's not possible to submit  work in that folder.

However if you still find problems to submit to that folder please post the thumb of your entry in the Comments of  "Challenge 66- All about 6" Journal (apo-weekly-challenge.deviantar…)

If I can't hear from Céline by Sunday 22nd I think we should have some "Spring Break" until we hear from her. Hope there is not any serious problem. :please: :pray:

And don't forget to send your votes for Challenge 65 !
Hi fellow AWC members and friends :hi: :wave: , my "big Boss" i.e. Céline a.k.a. Tibodo is sort of AWOL probably some IP glitch.
So I made an Executive Decision :icondivaplz: (sounds so important! :nod: :icongigglesplz: )
Therefore will try to keep the "show" working as our dear Founder usually does.
Winner of Challenge 64 is :icongerda1946: Gerda1946 with:
:iconwinnerplz: Awc64 by Gerda1946 :icontrophyplz:
:iconcongratssignplz: Congratulations Gerda :hug:

Below a short Feature with some of her beautiful Apo Fractals:

I owe you the Featured widget because I don't know how to modify it sorry :blush: :ashamed:

About Challenge 66 - All about 6

Just as the title says your submission have to use the number six "6" in every fx both in the variation value (example line=6 or 0.6 or 0.06 and the variables if you use them) negative values are also allowed.
You can use any variation you like but use at least 3 fx and if you use a final X its value should also be 6, 0.6 etc. but will not count for the minimum of 3 fx, therefore in that case, you will have 4 fx in all.

Obviously we will have almost 2 weeks to submit, I will set the deadline for Sunday, March 22nd .

Also please notice that for this occasion you will have to submit your entry in the folder "Challenge 66 and 64" of our Gallery.  I'm so useless :shrug: Sorry Céline :cries:

Now I leave you to think about this "marvelous" idea :sprint:
Winner of Challenge No 63 - dc_image plugin

Our grand winner this week is WestOz64 :winner::clap::trophy:

:clap::clap::clap: Portal to Glory by WestOz64 :clap::clap::clap:

More work from our winner WestOz64

:bigthumb507205120: Bella Cervello by WestOz64 Storms on Jupiter by WestOz64 :bigthumb497241115: Chariot of the lesser God's! by WestOz64 AWC 57 - Stripes by WestOz64

Challenge No 65 - Hyperbolic Variation

This week, you will probably want to stretch with this variation that has a tendency to elongate. So we are to make a fractal featuring the hyperbolic variation.

Have a great week!

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