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Rules for Submitting Entries

The rules of the challenges are pretty straightforward:
  • Entries must follow the rules of the challenge.
  • Entries must be posted here in the appropriate folder before deadline.
  • The number or the title of the challenge are to be clearly mentioned in the comments area of the deviation
  • Parameters need to be posted in your entries comments, or in a comment underneath, not on the journal page
  • Only one entry per artist
  • Focus on Apophysis, keep postwork to a minimum (small adjustments/tweaks, watermarks, no frames)
  • You may use other renderers such as Chaotica or JWildfire, but only for rendering purposes, not to alter parameters
  • Entries must be new works for the specific challenge and not previously designed or uploaded
  • Usage of dc_image plugin is not allowed unless expressly called for in the specific challenge guidelines
  • Most importantly, have fun!!!

Voting Guidelines

Voting is simple, and everyone is asked to give your say whether you submitted a deviation or not, and whether you are a member of the group.
  • Review the entries
  • Choose one that you think held true and exemplified the particular challenge best
  • Send a note to the group putting in the subject line the number of the challenge and the artist you are voting for
  • One vote per person, per challenge
  • You may not vote for yourself
  • Voting ends with the next challenge deadline
  • Note that two persons count the votes for each challenge

Voting format by Tibodo


How do you Get Flame Parameters out of Apophysis?
The easiest way to post the parameters for the fractal you are submitting is
  1. Click Copy in the Edit Menu of Apophysis
  2. Paste directly in the comment section of the fractal you are submitting

About Us

Through weekly challenges, we aim to give fractal artists an opportunity to learn, hone skills, and foster creativity using Apophysis.

How the Challenges Work
  • the terms/rules of the Challenge are announced on Monday morning Eastern Daylight Time
  • during the week you are invited to work according to these Apophysis terms/parameters
  • once you're satisfied with your work you may enter it in the proper folder
  • the deadline for entries is the next Sunday 10h00 Eastern Daylight Time
  • from this deadline to the next, you are invited to vote for the entry you consider responding the best to the terms of the Challenge
  • the winner of this Challenge is announced on Monday morning.
About apophysis
Apophysis software has been around for quite a long time and has been the fruit of many generations of programmers. The latest developments are the fruit of Xyrus-02' dedicated work.

Thanks to Apophysis aficionados, plenty of Apophysis tutorials are available on DeviantArt, explaining and exploring diverse techniques. We will be using them over the course of the challenges.


Céline aka Tibodo
About my participation in the challenges

I set this group up because I missed f-l-a-r-k's weekly challenges so much. This is why I submit entries to the challenges. Because I am organizing it, I'm applying to myself the following rules:
- never work according to the parameters of the challenge before the challenge is announced
- if somehow the terms of the challenge require me to try it ahead, I will not submit an entry for the said challenge
- there is someone else with me, marthig, to count the votes

I hope you agree with these rules which of course are applied on an honor system. If you do not agree with my participating in the challenges, please simply do not vote for my entries.
Thank you for your understanding.



About Us

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General Apophysis Help and Information

General Apophysis Help and Information

Here are, in no particular order, a few tutorials that present Apophysis in general for the new and even not so new user. Those tutorials are of various sizes and style. You are likely to find one that appeals to you. You will notice these tutorial were made for earlier versions of Apophysis. Nonetheless, most of the content applies to the more recent versions.

Apophysis Basics by sjdebdaly Apophysis Basics by sjdebdaly

Apophysis Interface Tutorial by Tarkenfire Apophysis Interface Tutorial by Tarkenfire

The Beginnings Tutorial by Anystasia The Beginnings by Anystasia

Apophysis 2.02 FAQ-Tutorial by datagram Apophysis 2.02 FAQ Tutorial by datagram

Apophysis Guide by ClaireJones Apophysis Guide by ClaireJones

Apophysis 2.04 Tut updated by 2B2H Apophysis - An Intermediate User Guide by 2B2H

Print Output Tutorial by raysheaf Print Output Tutorial by raysheaf